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Living in the city versus country 1. Although the life in the city is more comfortable than village, I like village life than city. 12. City Vs Country.


Essay on Forest Conservation and Afforestation January 25, 2016.The stimulation of crowds and traffic generate energy that challenges the human spirit.However there are always advantages and disadvantages in living in a city.Country Life or City Life.many advantages and disadvantages of choosing to live in the country or to live in the city, but.

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Life in the city is fast and exhilarating, but it can be straining.

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A lot of people think that living in the country means farming. the city life Living in a large.City Life vs Country Life: An Unbiased Analysis. by Nora on September 18, 2008.

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Looking for an interesting question to discuss in your paper comparing country life to city life.

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The interpretation of this statement maybe...Some people enjoy living in the country but others prefer big city life.

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Nowadays the city life is more and more stressful, however the people from the country are coming to the city, but which is better.Country Vs City Life City and country are very different two places.One of the most striking features of industrial age is the growth of city life. Essay on City Life vs.

Some people prefer a fast-paced city life compared to the more relaxed pace in the country.

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